Mark Twain Proposes Using Congressmen as Jurors

Mark Twain starts off by celebrating the 4th of July but loses focus. He wants to make our jury system great again by using Congressmen as jurors. 
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Did Mark Twain scam the public?

Social media didn’t exist in Twain’s time. He had to find other ways to create his fame in New York City. This podcast will reveal how Mark Twain became famous for giving away 3,000 tickets to his lecture on the Hawaiian Islands.  
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Mark Twain Discusses Brexit

An elderly British woman needed to see her doctor. The waiting room was filled with Portuguese immigrants. Mark Twain explains her frustration and why she voted for Brexit. 
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3 Months Without Cigars

When Mark Twain was 15, he gave up smoking in an effort to impress the girls in Hannibal. It was torture.  It was a glorious day when he went back to the joys of smoking. . .
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Mark Twain Honored by Oxford University

Things that we don’t earn, mean the most to us. Mark Twain’s honorary degree from Oxford cost him nothing but meant everything. 
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Mark Twain Fakes an Injury

When Mark Twain fell in love with Olivia Langdon, he looked for ways to spend time wooing her. A fall from a buggy gave him that opportunity… 
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Mark Twain Steals the Gingerbread

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.” Mark Twain was the bad child, Henry was the good child. Our mother blamed me for almost everything — and most of the time she was right. 
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Mark Twain, Memories of His Mother

The first voice that Mark Twain heard was that of his mother, Jane. She was always an ally of the helpless. The lessons he learned of compassion, kindness and bravery he would carry throughout his long life. 
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Concerning The Jews

In this podcast, Mark Twain discusses the Jews. He corrects a mistake he made in the Harpers Monthly. Mark Twain expounds on the Jews’ service to G-d AND country. 
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Mark Twain Praises Helen Keller

Mark Twain considered Helen Keller to be one of the most remarkable of all Americans — male or female. In 1906, Twain read a letter written by Helen at a fundraising event in New York City. In this podcast, Mark Twain will read the letter. 
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