Mark Twain Fakes an Injury

When Mark Twain fell in love with Olivia Langdon, he looked for ways to spend time wooing her. A fall from a buggy gave him that opportunity… 
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Mark Twain Steals the Gingerbread

“My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.” Mark Twain was the bad child, Henry was the good child. Our mother blamed me for almost everything — and most of the time she was right. 
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Mark Twain, Memories of His Mother

The first voice that Mark Twain heard was that of his mother, Jane. She was always an ally of the helpless. The lessons he learned of compassion, kindness and bravery he would carry throughout his long life. 
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Concerning The Jews

In this podcast, Mark Twain discusses the Jews. He corrects a mistake he made in the Harpers Monthly. Mark Twain expounds on the Jews’ service to G-d AND country. 
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Mark Twain Praises Helen Keller

Mark Twain considered Helen Keller to be one of the most remarkable of all Americans — male or female. In 1906, Twain read a letter written by Helen at a fundraising event in New York City. In this podcast, Mark Twain will read the letter. 
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Mark Twain On Lying

Mark Twain storyteller Don McNeill will attempt to talk about children. He will fail and end up talking about Lying! Please forgive him!
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Mark Twain Observes International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was celebrated on March the 8th. Mark Twain feels compelled to comment on this important event. 
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Mark Twain Was Never A Toastmaster

Mark Twain interpreter Don McNeill is a proud member of Toastmasters. Mr. Twain learned the art of public speaking without the Toastmaster’s experience. How was he able to accomplish this? This podcast will answer that question. Mark Twain
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The Unfair Treatment of College Coaches Must Stop!

I hate work even when another person does it. I’ve felt this way since childhood. Today — it’s my task to find ways to relieve the incredible stress placed on college coaches. They often are forced to accept millions for just watching...
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Collegiate Athletics is The New Plantation System

In North Carolina — there has been a controversy surrounding a Confederate Statue known as Silent Sam. This offensive pile of chiselled stone has been removed. Perhaps we should look elsewhere on campus for the last vestiges of the plantation system....
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