I was born in St. Louis and loved visiting Hannibal when I could get a chance.  It just seemed to make the reading of Mr.Twain’s  books more enjoyable seeing where and how he grew up in that sleepy little town by the river. 

As a young man I always thought about trying to imitate the Pike County and Monroe County accents and do appearances as Mark Twain.  About 2 years ago, I retired from my career with American Airlines after 38 years and started practicing public speaking with a Toastmasters club, Raleigh Talkmasters in North Carolina. 

With the encouragement of that group, it now seemed possible that I might pursue my dream of being a Mark Twain impersonator.  I will turn 65 this year.  Despite protests from my wife, I have grown my hair to the length necessary for the job and have embarked on this new adventure in my life. 

At age 40, channeling my inner Mark Twain was only a dream.  Now, I look forward to any and all opportunities to entertain others with the wit and wisdom of Mr.Twain.  I am available for conventions, meeting of all types, and any other insurrections that might require my services.  I can be reached at  919-522-4068 or