I was born modest, but it wore off!

On June 28th, I had the distinct pleasure of doing another Mark Twain meets Stephen Foster event! It was my third Twain/Foster event and they keep getting better. Larry Lytle played the part of Stephen Foster.  The audience of 150 people loved hearing him sing the classic songs of Stephen Foster! Twain and Foster took turns performing and spoke to one another several times during the performer transitions. As an example, Foster challenged Twain to teach the audience some lessons in morality.  This is a classic Mark Twain topic and gave me the opportunity to tell Twain’s stories about stealing a watermelon and the classic dog story.  The dog story is about the time Twain sold a dog that did not belong to him. Worse yet, he sold it to an Army general with no sense of humor about the situation.  The audience loved it! It was also an evening of patriotism, as Larry Lytle had all the veterans present that evening to come forward for recognition and applause.  It was perhaps the highlight of the evening.  Larry did a great job honoring our heroes!  The evening was a resounding success and we hope to do many more Mark Twain/Stephen Foster Events in the near future. This recent event was held at Christ Baptist Church in Raleigh. The church leadership could not have been more helpful and encouraging! Don McNeill