Mark Twain Introduces His Richest Friend, Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie loved Mark Twain. Twain is the only one who dared make fun of Carnegie in public. Mr Twain will also request that you not put hot coffee between your legs.
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Mark Twain’s Favorite Child

 Mark Twain reveals two things — Suzy was his favorite child. Also, the true editor of Huckleberry Finn was his wife Livy. 
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Mark Twain Discusses Gun Ownership

In this episode, Mark Twain discusses gun ownership in comparison to how it was during his time.
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Mark Twain Compares Plantation Owners with Congressmen

 In Mark Twain’s time, plantation owners and congressmen were often the same people. In this podcast, Mr Twain also compares lawyers and plumbers. The plumbers come out on top.
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Mark Twain Recalls the Abuse of the Chinese in San Francisco

During the slavery era, Westerners often felt morally superior to the Southern slave owners. But as Mark Twain witnessed, the abuse of the Chinese in San Francisco was equally horrendous. 
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Grandpa’s Death Starts a Family Food Fight

Somethings never change. In Mark Twain’s time, families fought over the possessions of the dear departed. And so it is today.
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Our Railroads Kill Unnecessary Americans

Mark Twain praises America’s railroads for their kindness as they return the remains of people they kill — in complimentary baskets. They provide jobs for high-priced lawyers and basket makers.
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Mark Twain Proposes Using Congressmen as Jurors

Mark Twain starts off by celebrating the 4th of July but loses focus. He wants to make our jury system great again by using Congressmen as jurors. 
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Did Mark Twain scam the public?

Social media didn’t exist in Twain’s time. He had to find other ways to create his fame in New York City. This podcast will reveal how Mark Twain became famous for giving away 3,000 tickets to his lecture on the Hawaiian Islands.  
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Mark Twain Discusses Brexit

An elderly British woman needed to see her doctor. The waiting room was filled with Portuguese immigrants. Mark Twain explains her frustration and why she voted for Brexit. 
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