Every School Boy was Lied to about the Death of Captain Cook

As a schoolboy, Mark Twain was taught that Captain Cook was brutally murdered by the savages in the Sandwich Islands. When he travelled there he learned the truth.
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Mark Twain Once Hugged a Man

Mark Twain was lost in a snowstorm in the Nevada Territory. Seemingly, he and his friends were near death. They swore to give up drinking, smoking and gambling if they survived. 
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Mark Twain Praises Helen Keller

Mark Twain considered Helen Keller to be one of the most remarkable of all Americans — male or female. In 1906, Twain read a letter written by Helen at a fundraising event in New York City. In this podcast, Mark Twain will read the letter. 
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Mark Twain Observes International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was celebrated on March the 8th. Mark Twain feels compelled to comment on this important event. 
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Mark Twain Was Never A Toastmaster

Mark Twain interpreter Don McNeill is a proud member of Toastmasters. Mr. Twain learned the art of public speaking without the Toastmaster’s experience. How was he able to accomplish this? This podcast will answer that question. Mark Twain
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Slavery – Part Two

The “N” word. Did that get your attention? Someone said that I use that offensive word more than 200 times in Huckleberry Finn. I have chosen not to use it for my listeners today. I will continue to paint the picture of slavery – as I saw if from...
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Slavery – Part 1 – A Valuable Story From Mark Twain

In my time – nobody talked about racism and slavery as me. That is, no white person. While I can never claim the experience that Booker T. Washington had as a former slave – I feel that my story has value. I grew up in slave country. My father owned...
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70th Birthday – Mark Twain Reflects On Old Age

I have reached the 7th tiered summit. This did not occur overnight. It’s my great pleasure to tell my listeners how much wisdom I have accumulated and to share it. I need to thank everyone for praising me on reaching this milestone. I invite you to...
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Morality – How To Become A Better Person

Everyone who knows me – know that I would rather teach morals than to have them myself. If my listeners will listen carefully to 3 carefully selected stories – they have an opportunity to lead morally, correct lives. Kindly share what you have learned...
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Advice On Opening Speeches From Mark Twain

When introductions are necessary – I prefer to them myself: that way I can get in all the facts. I will share with listeners some favorite intros. Feel free to use them at your own events. At my advanced age – I prefer never to be introduced again....
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