Mark Twain History


Mark Twain Once Hugged a Man

Mark Twain was lost in a snowstorm in the Nevada Territory. Seemingly, he and his friends were near death. They swore to give up drinking, smoking and gambling if they survived. 
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Did Mark Twain scam the public?

Social media didn’t exist in Twain’s time. He had to find other ways to create his fame in New York City. This podcast will reveal how Mark Twain became famous for giving away 3,000 tickets to his lecture on the Hawaiian Islands.  
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3 Months Without Cigars

When Mark Twain was 15, he gave up smoking in an effort to impress the girls in Hannibal. It was torture.  It was a glorious day when he went back to the joys of smoking. . .
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Mark Twain Honored by Oxford University

Things that we don’t earn, mean the most to us. Mark Twain’s honorary degree from Oxford cost him nothing but meant everything. 
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Mark Twain Fakes an Injury

When Mark Twain fell in love with Olivia Langdon, he looked for ways to spend time wooing her. A fall from a buggy gave him that opportunity… 
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