I was born modest, but it wore off!

On June 28th, I had the distinct pleasure of doing another Mark Twain meets Stephen Foster event! It was my third Twain/Foster event and they keep getting better. Larry Lytle played the part of Stephen Foster.  The audience of 150 people loved hearing him sing the classic songs of Stephen Foster! Twain and Foster took … [Read more…]

4th of July Speech

7-8-2015           Last week, I delivered a patriotic Mark Twain speech at a public speaking event in Raleigh,N.C.  Mr.Twain was often asked to speak at 4th of July events and he loved doing them. There were children present, so I seized on the opportunity to give some of Twain’s advice to youth.  I dismissed the adults present … [Read more…]

How to start a speech

I recently gave a presentation on techniques for starting a speech.  Mark Twain was my teacher and I learned from the best. Mr.Twain was not shy about admitting that he borrowed from the other prominent speakers of the time. Artemus Ward was the best known speaker on the circuit when Twain came on the scene … [Read more…]

Bedford Abbey Event

Recently, I was asked to speak as Mark Twain at the Bedford Abbey event held at the clubhouse in the Bedford  neighborhood in Raleigh.  This event was held to benefit the Backpack Buddies Program. This was the first time I have spoken at a “Tea” and it was a perfect fit for Mark Twain storytelling.  … [Read more…]

Mark Twain defends fracking!

Last Friday, I was invited by my PR assistant Remy to attend a coffee shop meeting she hosts at The Brew in downtown Raleigh. I came in full Mark Twain mode. It was very well attended and nobody seemed put off by having Mark Twain sitting with them. They seemed to take it in stride. … [Read more…]

How to tell a story

One week ago today, I competed in the Toastmasters state-wide humorous speech contest. The competition was outstanding and I am proud to say that I was the winner! But there is another story that only a few friends are aware of until now. When I was a student at the University of Missouri in the … [Read more…]

My Grandfather’s Old Ram

During his long and very successful career on the lecture circuit, Mark Twain had one story that was his favorite. It was the story he heard in the Nevada Territory. Twain was told that he must not miss hearing a story told by an elderly gentleman named Jim Blaine. He would only tell the story … [Read more…]

Speaking tour

This month I will be doing a series of Mark Twain storytelling events at the 6 Regional Libraries in Wake County.  I am looking forward to these speeches as a way of practicing some stories I have not tried in public before.  Mr.Twain’s favorite humorous story was the story his heard when he was in … [Read more…]