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How to tell a story

One week ago today, I competed in the Toastmasters state-wide humorous speech contest. The competition was outstanding and I am proud to say that I was the winner! But there is another story that only a few friends are aware of until now. When I was a...
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My Grandfather’s Old Ram

During his long and very successful career on the lecture circuit, Mark Twain had one story that was his favorite. It was the story he heard in the Nevada Territory. Twain was told that he must not miss hearing a story told by an elderly gentleman named...
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Grandfather’s Old Ram Performance in Raleigh

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Speaking tour

This month I will be doing a series of Mark Twain storytelling events at the 6 Regional Libraries in Wake County.  I am looking forward to these speeches as a way of practicing some stories I have not tried in public before.  Mr.Twain’s favorite...
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I believe Mark Twain would not be at all surprised by the quality of candidates available to run for Congress.  He covered  Congress as a newspaper reporter.  He needed a job and was very particular about the type of job he would accept.  If the position...
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Mark Twain visits a Masonic Lodge

I did a “Mark Twain” speech this week at the James B.Green Masonic Lodge #735 A.F. & A.M. in Raleigh, N.C. The invitation to speak was offered by Master Mason Donald R. Steichen. I met Don a few months ago when he led the effort at starting...
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The Dark Path

One of the causes that Mark Twain become involved with was the cause of the adult blind. His friendship with and admiration for Helen Keller inspired Twain to help raise money and awareness on the issue. In 1906, Miss Keller asked him to read a letter...
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The Collection Plate

There are parts of my personal history that I share with Mark Twain.  Like Mr.Twain, I was born in Missouri and felt a love and respect for the river. I also share something with Mr.Twain that I am not so proud of, then or now.  As an adult, Mark Twain...
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Mark Twain Comes to Life

Mark Twain Don McNeill is available to visit your group.
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